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Pricing and Sizing

Tag Collars - $40.00

Kennel/Buckle Collars - $80.00

Martingales - $100.00

If you want your dog's name on the kennel or matingale collars, that will be an additional $10.00.

Kennel collars are adjustable from 15" to 19" but of course  can be made larger or smaller to suit your needs.

Martingale collars will be custom sized for your dog - Sizing instructions to follow, or better yet, call me at 417 861-2771.

Tag collars are custom sized to your dog.  The best way to measure your dog's neck for a tag collar is to get a seamstress tape measure - the cloth one that is about 3/4 inches wide - and get a clip of some kind.  Put the clip on the tape and then make sure the tape goes over the dogs' head but is not so loose that when the collar is on, it will fall off.  Make sure that tape is positioned exactly where you want the dog's collar to sit,  If you use a clip, this is easy to do and then you know exactly the size you need.  Keep in mind, the collar is leather, so it will stretch a little bit as it ages.

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