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Tag Collars

Burgundy Drive

Regular Tag Collars


I was tired of tag bags and I didn't like my dogs' tags hanging on their regular collars, so I designed these tag collars.  They are quality leather with a soft suede lining, and are very light and strong.  They are not martingales and can not be used for leash walking but they are great for "at home" collars to hold tags and occasionally grabbing the dog to keep them out of trouble or otherwise lightly restraining them.  They are custom made for your dog, so no buckle to catch on things or jingle against the tags.  

Adjustable Tag Collars

If you prefer an adjustable collar, I can make a buckle collar that will adjust approximately 2" but that can be changed also.  

Tag Collar with Flat Tag.

I have started using this type tag collar on my dogs and I love it, as I don't love hearing my dogs' tags jingling.  For this collar you would have to supply the flat tag before I made the collar.  These can be purchased from various vendors.  Contact me for more info.

Most of my collars show the "greyhound" stamped into the leather but if you prefer something else, that can be done also.  

Regular Tag Collars

Adjustable Tag Collars

Flat tag Tag Collar - Tag must be purchased separately!

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